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Nuclear November
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Strength Fanatics,

The muscles of your core - your abs, obliques, lumbar muscles, spinal erectors, glutes, lats, and even more supporting and synergistic muscles - are probably the most important muscles of your body.

Any movement you make, your core fires first.

The core fires when you walk...

...when you run...

...when you squat, deadlift, bench, row, grip - you name the movement and the core is somehow involved.

When it comes to strength training, if your core isn't strong enough to support the rest of your body and transfer forces, then you will be severely limited in the amount of strength and power you can produce.

So, you know how important it is to have a strong core. There's no denying that.

But, when you train your core, are you training it correctly?

If your exercise selection is wrong, you could actually be causing yourself more harm than good.

If your core training program is centered around things like sit-ups, crunches, and other isolation movements for the rectus abdominis, the "six-pack muscles," you're missing the mark on truly functional core strength.

That's where Nuclear November comes in.

For the next 30 days, you're going to totally TRANSFORM your core training, in order to turn your mid-section into a steel-reinforced chamber of power, that's strong enough to take your lifting to the next level while also helping you stay away from injuries.

Nuclear November is different from most core training programs.

Most ab training workouts are focused on building up the rectus abdominis, the muscles that run up the centerline of the stomach, making up the six pack beach muscles.

And while there's nothing wrong with having a sculpted set of abs, focusing ONLY on that can leave you open for imbalances, weaknesses, and injury.

Nuclear November is about training the entire core, the NUCLEUS of your body, to be as strong as possible by attacking it from all angles.

When these muscles are strong and rugged, you start to see changes in your lifting, your sports play, and in other areas of your life.

Every day over the next 30 days, your MISSION is to hit the core hard with 1 or 2 exercises in order to REPROGRAM the way you train the muscles in the nucleus of your body.

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Key Components For Unbeatable

    Strong Abdominals - connecting the hips to the rib cage, these muscles function to bring these two parts of the body closer together. But they can also be trained to brace the torso, protecting the spine during lateral movement, rotation, and when operating under heavy loads. Nuclear November works the abs in ways you've never thought of, changing you from the inside out.
    Solid Obliques - if you want to be fast and powerful, you've got to be able to trigger high speed activation of the obliques, and work in all degrees of motion with explosion. Nuclear November will build these muscles on the sides of the torso, bullet-proofing these muscles that encase the mid-section.
    Enduring Lumbar Muscles - if the muscles of the lower back are not strong and resilient, that means they could buckle when you need them the most. The drills in Nuclear November will make these muscles wake up and you'll take notice of the difference you feel the next time you need to pick a big weight up off the floor.
    Spinal Erectors - where your head goes the body follows, and the erectors run the full length of your spine, from skull to hip. These long muscles must be strong enough to take a beating and continue to keep your torso upright on lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, and other multi-joint movements, to maintain your structural integrity and keep your head high where it should be. Plus they look damn good jutting out the back of your shirt.
    Powerful Glutes - These are your primary weapon for strength, power and explosive movement, because they extend the hips. The ENEMY of the glutes are tight hip flexors, which can restrict movement at the hip, limiting how much power your glutes can produce. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to NOT overemphasize sit-ups and crunches in your core training, because those two movements shorten and tighten the hip flexors, almost as bad as sitting on the couch all day.
    Primed Lats - The lats are the secret weapon for a powerful core. Once you learn how to turn on your lats the right way, you will unlock stored potential in your body, and the weights you move will EXPLODE.
There are too many underlying muscles within the core to list them all here.

The most important thing you need to know is that Nuclear November addresses all of them, so you can experience an absolute metamorphic change in your core strength over the next 30 days.

By the end of this next month, you can expect to see your strength numbers go up across the board

You can expect to feel more safe and secure when you get under a barbell.

You can rely on having more control over your body when performing complex drills and multi-joint movement patterns.

You can expect to be able to brace your core more effectively, in order to take hits on the field or on the mat, and turn around hit back even harder.

And you can rest assured that your spine and the fragile disks that run up and down will be more protected, due to the work you've put in and the time you've invested.

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Keep in mind that Nuclear November is available for the special price of $27 for a limited time only.

Also, keep in mind that the workload in Nuclear November is not designed to shoot holes in your core, and leave you too tired to do the rest of your training.

Instead, it's laid out to EXPOSE you to many different styles of core training, so that you can continue to sample from the program for several years, in order to continue to progress and bring up weak areas in your core.

Nuclear November is not a walk in the park. Some of the exercises are VERY HARD, and you will not be able to do them right away. But, if you stick with it throughout the month, you will improve your skills and the harder drills will get easier over time

Lastly, Nuclear November is meant to be fun. These are short "plug-in" style workouts that you can add to the beginning, middle, or end of your current program, in order to spice up your workout while also getting stronger, tougher, and more powerful.

If these sound like good ideas to you, then don't wait any longer - click the yellow "Add-to-Cart" button below, and you'll receive the access page for Nuclear November faster than you can say BOMB SHELTER.

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Thanks and all the best in your training.

"Napalm" Jedd Johnson

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Common Questions

Question: I have been told that my core will get stronger just by doing lifts like Squats and Standing Exercises. Do I even need to train my core?
    Yes, standing and multi-joint exercises do indeed work your core, and many of the exercises in this program are designed around that.

    But, you can see even better results in your lifting by selecting the right core training movements and strengthen the muscles and movements the core produces.

Question: I was surfing around the internet and found a bunch of exercises for my abs. Can't I just do these to get stronger?
    The case can be made that any exercises are better than no exercise at all. However, that doesn't mean just doing any old exercises for the core is what you need.

    The problem is doing too much of the wrong kind of ab work can set you back in your training, especially if you do too many exercises like crunches and sit-ups, which can cause the hip flexors to shorten and tighten, keeping your glutes from working they way they should, and limiting your hip strength and power.

Question: I saw a bunch of exercises on a program by Beach Body, or Shawn T, or something. Shouldn't these work for me just as well as what's in Nuclear November?
    There are a lot of differences between the exercises shown in those programs and in Nuclear November. While they are good for an "intense workout" and help you "incinerate calories" they are not designed to build core strength.

    The drills I've got laid out for you in the next 30 days will compliment your training much better and help you see the kind of specific results you're after much faster.

Question: Are these exercises going to add a bunch of extra time to my workout?
    No! I learned a long time ago that the amount of work you do in a core training program is just as important as the kinds of exercises you do.

    I included only the kinds of drills that will make your core stronger without having to log a bunch of extra hours in the gym every week.

    In short, the Nuclear November workouts very manageable, and won't cause you to miss time in your other activities, or keep you away from your family, either.

Question: What format is this product in? Is it a hard copy book or printed manual?
    Nuclear November is an Ebook. Ebook is short for electronic book, a document you read from your PC, Computer, or other electronic device. You download it to the device and you are able to read it whenever and wherever you like.

Question: Will I have to read it all in one setting?
    You don't need to, but I'm sure you could, if you wanted to. Nuclear November is no fluff, no filler. You're getting exactly what you're paying for, which is exactly the way it ought to be.

Question: Do I have to buy a bunch of expensive gadgets and gizmos in order to hit my core hard with Nuclear November?
    No way, brotherrrrrs and sisterrrrs! I wrote this product so you could do it in just about any gym you go to. If you've got access to weights, benches, and the basics like that, you're covered for about 80% of the drills.

    And if there's anything from Nuclear November you don't have, hit me with a message and we'll figure out a suitable work-around for you.

Question: Why do so many people prefer to learn with an Ebook, like Fixing Elbow Pain??
    Learning through digital products is quickly becoming more and more popular, whether the information is about getting bigger, stronger and more athletic, or other topics.

Question: How long does it take to get my information?
    The cool thing is the wait is minimal. As I get the payment notifications to my phone or laptop, I send the page to access the ebook instantly.

    In fact, the only time there's a delay in getting it to you is if I'm driving, if I'm with my family, or if I'm asleep. And then, as soon as I'm back logged back in, I'll get you your access page as soon as possible.

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